ASPICE ET ABI, Bettina Yung

Passerine Invitation to Cosmic Egg

Bird seed, calabash, carrot, cement, clock, coconuts, lotus, wax, wood

Aspergillus and Diplodia Reinhabiting the Derelict of Hubris

Coconut, lotus, hardware, mold, paper, wax

Passerine Invitation to Cosmic Egg: Receptacle

Bird seed, calabash, cement, plastic, wood

Lazy Gyre Fringes

Bungee cord, cement, digital print, glass, grommets, hot glue, paper, string, wax, wire

Cerumen of Numinous Lagan

Banana peel, earwax, hot glue, frying colander, Q-tips, reishi mushroom


Graphite on paper, soylent


New work from Bettina Yung
Documentation and text by Colin Klockner
Summer 2017, Ghost